Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Friends, Supporters and Interested Parties

We thought you would appreciate an update on the work we are doing to honor Sgt. Homer L. Wise.

The statue of Sgt. Homer L. Wise is completed thanks to donations received from patriotic citizens from 19 states.

We are happy to report that donations totaling more $64,000 have been received, mostly in small contributions. Our goal is $98,000.

We’ve accomplished a great deal. Please tell your friends and neighbors about our project and urge them to visit our web site and donate to this very meaningful and lasting tribute to one of the greatest soldiers of World War II.

You can make a contribution online by clicking the donate button on this page or by mail payable to Homer L. Wise Memorial Committee, Inc. c/o Jean Rinaldi, 21 Fairmont Avenue, Stamford, CT 06906

We need your help now

On behalf of the THE HOMER L. WISE MEMORIAL COMMITTEE, INC, we thank you.

Paul W. Bucha, Morton Dean, James S. Vlasto

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