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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to our blog and updates!

Homer Lee Wise was a loving husband, devoted father and caring uncle. He was a modest man. He kept a beautiful yard. He worked at humble jobs. He grilled dinner in his backyard when the weather was warm.

Few knew that he was also the recipient of the Medal of Honor, The Silver Star, The Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts and eleven other decorations during World War II. Even his son didn’t know of his accomplishments until he was 12 years old, when a schoolmate told him.

During World War II, 16 million men and women served. Only 464 received the Medal of Honor. And, here in Stamford, CT one of those brave men; fell in love with Stamford’s Madolyn DiSesa, lived simply and modestly and spent the remainder of his life in Stamford until his passing in 1974 at the age of 57.

The Homer L. Wise Memorial Committee is a small group of private citizens who with the help and support of the New York Foundation of the Arts (our fiscal sponsor) are planning to raise a bronze statue of Homer L. Wise in the Homer Lee Wise Memorial Park on Bedford and Chester Streets.

The renowned artist and sculptor Janice Mauro of Redding, CT has been commissioned to create this statue which will stand over six feet tall, on a granite base with an engraved plaque.

Not only will this statue beautify our park but will stand as a reminder, for us all; and our future Stamford citizens, of the modesty and humility which were and are the true qualities of our brave Americans, who serve our country and fight for our freedom, so we can lead safe and fulfilling lives.

Please visit our website, view our YouTube video, read more about Homer L. Wise and make a contribution. We know these are challenging times, but every contribution brings us one step closer to leaving a legacy of honor, humility and service for our future generations to be guided by and as an inspiration and a reminder of America’s true values.

Thank you for your support,

Homer L. Wise Memorial Committee

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